In 1981 the State Government proposed to build a fishing Boat Harbour at Pt Picquet. Over the next 4 years opposition from the Community and eventually rejection by the EPA saw an end to this.

formation of meelup park PHowever in 1988 a development proposal was put to the Shire of Busselton for Curtis Bay to be developed as a power boat marina by dynamiting the hillside to provide construction fill for quays. The levelled areas of land were to be sold for residential and other development.

Public reaction was organised by Frank Nalder, and the Dunsborough Concerned Citizens’ Association, supported by Claire Guinness, producer of the first Dunsborough newspaper “Maganews”. In a referendum organized by the Shire the community overwhelmingly rejected the proposal. Subsequently a group continued to promote future protection of the Meelup area and MLC Barrie Blakie furthered the cause in parliament.

On May 11th 1993 Meelup was endorsedas a 577 Ha “A” class reserve vested in the Shire of Busselton for the purpose of Conservation and Recreation, by Lands Minister George Cash. He congratulated the Shire of Busselton Council for the high quality of their management plan.

“Mr Cash said a primary objective of the plan was the conservation of the diverse flora and fauna in the reserve. "Of particular importance is the protection of existing or potential habitats of endangered plant and animal species. There are at least six rare and three vulnerable plant species within the reserve, and the wetlands support a number of rare and unusual invertebrate animal species,"
Source: Government of WA Media statements, May 11 1993.

The City of Busselton and the Meelup Regional Park Management Committee are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the endorsement of the Park in 2018.

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You can help preserve this special place in the following ways:

Stay on designated trails  |  Do not light fires in the park  |  Park in designated areas  |  Leave your pets at home  |  Use the bins and toilets provided  |  Do not dump garden waste  |  No Camping


Telephone: (08) 9781 0444