Visitors to the park and neighbouring landholders can help reduce the risk of wildfire by sticking to trails, not littering and observing fire bans.

Fire has been present on the Australian continent for millions of years and was part of the Australian continent's landscape long before the arrival of humans. Many of our plants and animals have evolved to survive fire events and subsequently most Australian ecosystems have developed very specialised relationships with fire.

However, high intensity uncontrolled wildfires can have a devastating impact on native flora, fauna and neighbouring property. Wildfires are a very real danger in Meelup Regional Park. The City of Busselton and the local volunteer bushfire brigades actively manage the risk of wildfire in the park through control burning and firebreaks. Planned low intensity fires do not have the same long lasting effects as high intensity uncontrolled wildfires.


Fire Management in the Park

Fire management in the park is all about balancing the protection of people and property and conservation values.

The Park’s fire management is guided by an Ecological Fire Management Plan (8MB). Fire management meetings are held to identify planned burns and firebreaks inspected annually to identify improvements required to maintain the firebreaks in a safe, trafficable condition.

Consultation is undertaken with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on the location and frequency of fires within numerous fire cell zones and measures to protect vegetation structure, threatened flora, vegetation and fauna in the park.

Images: Vasse Fire Brigade

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You can help preserve this special place in the following ways:

Stay on designated trails  |  Do not light fires in the park  |  Park in designated areas  |  Leave your pets at home  |  Use the bins and toilets provided  |  Do not dump garden waste  |  No Camping


Telephone: (08) 9781 0444