1. To contribute toward protecting the environmental and biodiversity values within the Meelup Regional Park.
  2. Promote, enhance and extend public understanding of conservation and consequent constraints on usage of Meelup Regional Park.
  3. To provide for or endorse recreational activities compatible with the environment and biodiversity values of Meelup Regional Park and its status as an iconic destination.
  4. To encourage no amenity development or activities that are deleterious to the aim of protecting, improving and promoting the conservation values of the Meelup Regional Park.
  5. To liaise via the Presiding Member or directly with the Meelup Park Management Committee of Busselton City relating to conservation research, fundraising or other matters aimed at promoting knowledge about the Park.
  6. To provide and maintain an appropriate body corporate through which:
    1. Community members can be actively encouraged and engaged;
    2. Relations and cooperation with government agencies, other organisations and private sector partners can be established;
    3. Education, research and community awareness of the Parks high conservation value is actively promoted;
    4. Resources, including grant programs and funding sources, can be sourced and accessed to promote and achieve objectives.
  7. To conduct and engage in activities of all kinds incidental to sub-clauses (a) - (f).


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You can help preserve this special place in the following ways:

Stay on designated trails  |  Do not light fires in the park  |  Park in designated areas  |  Leave your pets at home  |  Use the bins and toilets provided  |  Do not dump garden waste  |  No Camping


Telephone: (08) 9781 0444
Email: city@busselton.wa.gov.au