While fishing and boating can occur in the park, users should respect marine park zones and fisheries regulations 

A range of fish and crustaceans such as salmon, herring, whiting, skipjack and blue swimmer crabs can be caught from the beaches of Geographe Bay at various times of the year. However fishers need to be aware of the limitations on where you can fish within Meelup Regional Park and the bag limits on many of the species you are likely to catch. You can check the allowances with local bait and tackle stores or the 'Department of Fisheries Recreational Fishing Guide.'  Whilst the stocks are not large by world standards, with careful management they will provide recreational pleasure far into the future.

Meelup Regional park is located in the Ngari Capes Marine Park. The word ngari (pronounced ‘nyari’) is the Noongar word for salmon. The park includes the southern half of Geographe Bay and extends around Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin to Flinders Bay near Augusta. The marine park starts at the intertidal zone and extends to the limit of WA’s coastal waters (three nautical miles from shore). The marine park consists of five zone types: 'no-take' sanctuary zones, recreation zones, special purpose (shore-based activities) zones, special purpose (surfing) zones and a general use zone. Refer to the map for descriptions of these zones.

Meelup Beach is located in the Eagle Bay sanctuary zone. When the Fisheries legislation is introduced, sanctuary zones will become ‘look but don’t take’ areas that provide the highest level of protection for marine life. You will still be able to swim, snorkel, dive, go boating and view wildlife in these areas. Fishing, water-skiing or freestyling on a jet ski will not be allowed. Point Piquet and the southeast end of Eagle Bay are in the Eagle Bay Special Purpose Zone (shore based activities). When the Fisheries legislation is introduced, fishing may only continue if it is carried out from the shore and fishing from a boat will not be permitted

For detailed information on the zones and permitted recreational fishing activities refer to the 'Ngari Capes Marine Park Management Plan (2013-2023)'  or contact the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Geographe Bay is also a popular place for yachts and sailing boats to drop anchor and enjoy an afternoon of swimming and relaxing. Skippers should be aware of the ‘closed waters’ to motorised vessels at Castle Bay and Meelup Beach (watch for the yellow buoys) and the 8 Knot speed limit extending 300m offshore.

Ngari Capes Marine Park Map - click here to download map (3.2MB)

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You can help preserve this special place in the following ways:

Stay on designated trails  |  Do not light fires in the park  |  Park in designated areas  |  Leave your pets at home  |  Use the bins and toilets provided  |  Do not dump garden waste  |  No Camping


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