Under Australian walking track grading system, walking trails are graded on a difficulty scale from grades 1-5. Trails in the Park range from Grade 1-3.

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Meelup Regional Park offers a variety of walking trails offering glimpses of the stunning coastline panoramic views. There are walk trails for those with a disability (access for the disabled with assistance), family friendly trails and a few steeper rockier trails for those with bushwalking experience. Please refer to the grading system above to choose the right walk for you.

Meelup is known for its distinctive visual character, pristine condition and diversity of flora. In the springtime be prepared for an incredible show of wildflowers, particularly the brilliant red of the claw flower standing out amongst the coastal heath. At dawn and dusk you may be surprised by kangaroos or bandicoots crossing the tracks. Snakes do occur in the park so watch where you tread (particularly in spring and summer) and be prepared.

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walk trail grade 2 blueTrail Type: Walk trail only

Distance: 3.7km
Grade 2

Dunsborough to Meelup Beach Trail Map

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This limestone and gravel trail runs alongside a number of secluded, pretty granite and sandy coves. The brilliant red of the claw flower (Calothamnus graniticus ssp. graniticus) stands out amongst the trail’s coastal heath in spring. On this trail you’ll experience the cool shade of peppermint and WA Christmas tree groves, as well as more exposed low-lying heath vegetation. You might be lucky to spot a shy quenda darting across the trail in the early morning or at dusk.


walk trail grade 2 blueTrail Type: Dual use and (part-250m) universal access

Distance: 1.2km
Grade 1-2

Meelup Brook Walk Map

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This peaceful trail winds along and crosses Meelup Brook beneath overhanging marri and peppermint trees. The first section of the trail from Meelup Beach is universal access and constructed from compacted limestone. After passing through a large culvert underneath the road, the universal access trail terminates at a timber decking to overlook the bubbling Meelup Brook, which flows in winter and autumn. The trail then continues along a pea gravel firebreak following the Meelup Brook upstream. Keep your ears open for the familiar call of Baudin’s cockatoo and spot them roosting and feeding on gumnuts in the tall branches of marri trees.


walk trail grade 1 blueTrail Type: Universal access

Distance: 0.35km
Grade 1

Baudin Memorial to Reidle Park Trail Map

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This is a flat pleasant trail shaded by peppermint trees along its length with a compacted limestone tread. The trail starts at the Baudin memorial - crosses Eagle Bay/Meelup Road and continues on the other side of the road to Riedle Park.

walk trail grade 3 blueTrail Type: Walk trail only

Distance: 3.3km
Grade 3

Meelup Beach Eagle Bay Walk Map

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The coastal trail has a limestone tread from Meelup Beach to Point Picquet, and is a mixture of limestone, gravel and granite outcrops from Point Picquet to Eagle Bay. You’ll pass through Gannet Rock, popular for snorkelling, and well known fishing and winter surfing spot Point Picquet. Point Picquet is named after Sub-Lieutenant Picquet, who was part of the French exploration crew of 1801. At Point Piquet the walk trail crosses Eagle Bay-Meelup Road and continues on the other side of the road, through the bush to Riedle Park.

walk trail grade 2 blueTrail Type: Walk Trail only

Distance : 1.5km
(incl Loop): 3.4km
Grade 2-3

Car Rally Trail

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The Car Rally trail behind Meelup Beach starts at a gravel carpark on the Eagle Bay- Meelup Road. The trail has a limestone tread and is on a moderate slope in sections with some uneven ground over rock drainage culverts. You can view glimpses of the turquoise water of Geographe Bay through the diverse vegetation of the Jarrah/Marri woodland. You will pass an old gravel pit which is being rehabilitated with coir logs and plantings.
You may like to walk a loop trail starting from Meelup Beach (passing through a large culvert underneath the road), heading up the Meelup Brook trail, onto the western firebreak track and Sheen Road and down the Car Rally trail to Meelup Beach. Or you can walk this loop trail in reverse. Total distance 3.4km.

walk trail grade 3 blueTrail Type: Walk trail only

Distance: 1.4km
Grade 3

Meelup Park lookout circuit Map

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You’ll experience a great snapshot of the Park on this trail, with a fine sample of spring wildflowers, a variety of vegetation types and beautiful panoramic views of Geographe Bay. From the Meelup Brook trail you will climb a fairly some fairly steep gabion and pine log steps to the top of the hill where you can take an opportunity to sit in the shade of a WA Christmas tree (Nuytsia floribunda), cross some granite outcropping, then head back down to the coastal road. From here you can loop back towards Meelup Beach, or continue on towards Point Picquet

walk trail grade 3 blueTrail Type: Walk trail only

Distance: 0.3km
Grade 3

Meelup Park Whalers lookout Map

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This trail is a moderately steep spur from the coastal trail starting at Castle Rock. The trail may be steep, but the effort is worth it! Near the top of the trail you can take a rest on a timber bench, or continue to the top to find a magnificent 180-degree view of Geographe Bay. Along the trail in spring you’ll find a delightful variety of herbaceous annual wildflowers, including trigger plants and sundew.

In the 1840s whalers used this lookout to spot whales for the Castle Bay Whaling Company as it provided panoramic views over the bay. Humpback and southern right whales can now be seen close to shore between September and December as they return southward to Antarctic waters with their calves - click here for more information on Whale Watching

walk trail grade 2 blueTrail Type: Dual use

Distance: 2.9km
Grade 2

Eagle Bay Firebreak Walk Map

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This trail is a pea gravel and limestone firebreak that extends from the end of Sheens Road all the way to Eagle Bay. An undulating trail, there are a number of uphill and downhill sections. Traversing mostly marri/jarrah forest, there is also a lovely section of banksia woodland on sandy soil closer to Eagle Bay that provides a contrast to the forest.


  • Share the trail
  • Bike riders to slow down for walkers
  • Bike riders to notify walkers ahead
  • Yield the trail
  • Leave no trace
  • Obey ‘no bicycle’ signs
  • Do not take short cuts or create new trails or jumps
  • Clean your tyres and footwear before entering the park and dieback free areas within the park
  • Avoid using the trails in wet, muddy conditions
  • Take care where sight distance is limited

Enjoy the trails! -

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You can help preserve this special place in the following ways:

Stay on designated trails  |  Do not light fires in the park  |  Park in designated areas  |  Leave your pets at home  |  Use the bins and toilets provided  |  Do not dump garden waste  |  No Camping


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