A whale watching platform at Point Piquet provides the perfect spot for watching whales on their annual migration

There are two main species of whales most likely to be viewed from the Park: The humpback whale and the southern right whale. Geographe Bay is also lucky to be one of the few places in the world where you can view the worlds largest whale, the blue whale. Other whales that visit on occasion include the pygmy whale and the killer whale.

From June to December, humpback whales conduct their annual migration, travelling north to warmer waters to have their calves, before returning south for summer feeding in Antarctica. Following these are the southern right whales, which are renowned for coming in close, using the bays along the coast to protect their young. Blue whales are more rarely seen, though may be sighted in the bay between October and November.

From September, whale watching is great from Cape Naturaliste and the beaches around Dunsborough. Within the park Point Piquet provides the perfect viewing platform for watching whales as they are often seen very close to the coast here. There is seating on which to observe the whales and toilet facilities nearby. Other vantage points to watch whales include the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, or join a local charter to head out into the bay to watch these massive mammals in their natural habitat.

If you are out in your boat in Geographe Bay during September to December, expect to see these gentle giants as they frolic and play in the bay. Please DO NOT approach them. Boats are to remain 300m from whales, and should not be maneuvered in a way that will interfere with the journey of the whale. Please remember these are wild animals, and while they are magnificent to watch, they can be unpredictable.

The South West Environmental Snapshot has some interesting facts to read.

Bottlenose dolphins are also regular visitors to the bay.


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